AMOMIX003 · April 17th, 2014 OUT!!!

Amoeba Mixtape Series Vol. 3 · Compiled and mixed by Bony Stuche

Amoeba releases Mixtape Series to celebrate his fifth anniversary compiling and mixing tracks of the label. Bony Stuche builds the third volume with tracks of the history of our label. Includes tracks with artists as Moving Cities, Ezequiel Sanchez, Deepshape, Olmo & Bluemoon, Lillo, Scan Mode, Max Jones, Chembass, Pruden Izquierdo, Licaras and more...

Fernando Sanz & Oxan - Over (Olmo Remix)
Free Download for two days

Amoeba Crew Gigs · Holy Week 2014
17,18 y 19 de Abril

Amoeba Label Podcast 028 :: Fonsi Arjona

BeatLove en Atmósfera (Radio 3)

Amoeba Label on Technomania 9.0
Carl Craig · Olmo · IÄCOB · Tevor Handa

Amoeba Showcase @ Kafka Club [Sáb 15.03.2014]
BeatLove Live! · Olmo · Fonsi G · Dmoreno · Paul Synth · IÄCOB

AMOCD001 · March 5th, 2014 available on CD
BeatLove - Interference (Limited Edition)

AMO031 · February 5th, 2014 OUT!!!
Max Jones · I Want It So Bad (Includes Gameboyz Remix)

Amoeba Podcast 027 :: Grobas

Frankie B @ We Talk (Demode Club)
Friday 31st January 2014

Olmo All Night Long at Kafka Club · Seville
Sat 25th January 2014

Amoeba Label Podcast 026 :: Licara´s
1st Podcast 2014 on Amoeba Label

Amoeba Crew Gigs
Paul Synth & IACOB @ Seville

AMO029C · January 13th OUT!!!
Five Years of Amoeba: Part Three (Includes Chembass, Moving Cities, Hesse and Joan Garcia tracks)

Amoeba Label on Radio 3 (RTVE)
Amoeba Review [AMO029B] on Atmósfera Radio Show

Amoeba Label en Sala Cosmos 27.12.2013

Kaarel in Golden Gate Berlin

Amoeba Crew Gigs (20-21-22 Diciembre 2013)

Amoeba Podcast 025 :: Susoul

AMO030B · December 10th, 2013 OUT!!!
Five Years of Amoeba Remixes: Part Two (Deepshape, Skinnybone Love, Xar Lee, Nasty Boy Remixes)

AMO028 · November 15th, 2013 OUT!!!
M.E.M.O. · The Colors of the Polymita EP (Includes Dub Sones Remix)

Amoeba Crew con OXIA en Sevilla

AMO027 · November 1st, 2013 OUT!!!
Pruden Izquierdo · Central Tooth Like Bread (Includes Cesar Martinez Remix)

Halloween Zombie Afterparty
La Caña · Sevilla

Amoeba Podcast 024 · Avant_Y
Magnetic Ypsilon

AMO026 · October 17th, 2013 OUT!!!
Enzo Leep - The Walk

AMO029B · September 18th, 2013 OUT!!!
Five Years os Amoeba: Part Two (Includes Enzo Leep, Bluemoon, Olmo and Fonsi G tracks)

AMOMIX002 · August 28th, 2013 OUT!!!
Amoeba Mixtape Series Vol. 2 · Compiled and mixed by Fonsi G.

Five Years of Amoeba Label · 9, 10 y 11 de Agosto
Sureste, El Dorado, Gran Baba (El Palmar)

AMO030A · August 8th, 2013 OUT!!!
Five Years of Amoeba Remixes: Part One (Lillo, Iäcob, Scan Mode, JPhilipps & Joint Remixes)

AMO029A · August 8th, 2013 OUT!!!
Five Years of Amoeba: Part One (Kaarel, Pruden Izquierdo, Max Jones and Licara's)

AMO025 · July 18th, 2013 OUT!!!
Fernando Sanz & Oxan · Analog Tools Vol. 1 (Tom Ellis, Marcos In Dub, Ezequiel Sanchez, Nasty Boy and Olmo & Bluemoon Remixes)

AMOMIX001 · July 2nd, 2013 OUT!!!
Amoeba Mixtape Vol. 1 · Mixed and compiled by Lafontaine